February 15, 2013

Spring Mantle

I am ashamed to admit that I just took down my Christmas mantle decorations this week... Not because I really love Christmas all that much, but mostly because I'm lazy. So I decided to jump straight from Christmas to spring. I've never been much of a winter girl anyway, so I'm secretly hoping that Mother Nature receives my premature invitation for warm, sunshiny days and RSVPs ASAP.

I always prefer to decorate based on seasons rather than holidays. They aren't as time-sensitive so I don't feel the need to constantly update. Ain't nobody got time for that. I am also big on decorating with things I already own. I usually raid the other rooms in my house for things I might want to use, and then just lay everything out on the floor while I go to town. Since my mantle only gets dusted 4 times a year, I try to seize the opportunity while I have everything cleared off. The mason jar sconces stay (duh) and the oval mirror I like too much to switch out.

{Isn't it magnificent?! It was my husband's grandpa's. After he passed away last October, my in-laws found it as they were going through his estate in Colorado. It's good-looking and sentimental- a special combination.}

Once I have a clean slate, I just start placing things around until I like how it looks. I usually start with the largest items, and work my way down to little details. Like this bird!

Sometimes it takes me several tries before I like what I'm working with. Antique books and glass jars are usually a staple, as they are versatile and can be stacked or filled with whatever you please. Either of these can be purchased at a thrift store for pennies. I also like to fill photo frames with pages I've cut out of magazines.

Voila! Now if only it felt like spring outside...

Yes, I photobombed my own picture...

Favorite design-inducing jam: San Francisco by The Mowgli's
Favorite design element: asymmetry
Favorite room to decorate: living room
Favorite home decor blog: 6th Street Design School

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