February 21, 2013

Dancing Queens

My family was big on home videos growing up. We each had our own VHS tapes that my parents would use to record both the exciting and everyday events in our life. For Christmas this year, my aunt was kind enough to transfer all of our tapes to DVDs. It's been really fun to re-live some childhood memories. And since this video was recorded exactly 19 years ago today, I felt like I needed to share it with you.

A few things before you press play...
1) My sisters are cute; I am just a little weird.
2) I watched a lot of figure skating when I was younger. The odd leg-spin-thing is a direct manifestation of that.
3) 1:17 is exactly why my husband has a strict "only move in controlled motions" policy for me in our house.

Katie and Ruth- thanks for hamming it up with me for the past 19+ years! 

February 15, 2013

Spring Mantle

I am ashamed to admit that I just took down my Christmas mantle decorations this week... Not because I really love Christmas all that much, but mostly because I'm lazy. So I decided to jump straight from Christmas to spring. I've never been much of a winter girl anyway, so I'm secretly hoping that Mother Nature receives my premature invitation for warm, sunshiny days and RSVPs ASAP.

I always prefer to decorate based on seasons rather than holidays. They aren't as time-sensitive so I don't feel the need to constantly update. Ain't nobody got time for that. I am also big on decorating with things I already own. I usually raid the other rooms in my house for things I might want to use, and then just lay everything out on the floor while I go to town. Since my mantle only gets dusted 4 times a year, I try to seize the opportunity while I have everything cleared off. The mason jar sconces stay (duh) and the oval mirror I like too much to switch out.

{Isn't it magnificent?! It was my husband's grandpa's. After he passed away last October, my in-laws found it as they were going through his estate in Colorado. It's good-looking and sentimental- a special combination.}

Once I have a clean slate, I just start placing things around until I like how it looks. I usually start with the largest items, and work my way down to little details. Like this bird!

Sometimes it takes me several tries before I like what I'm working with. Antique books and glass jars are usually a staple, as they are versatile and can be stacked or filled with whatever you please. Either of these can be purchased at a thrift store for pennies. I also like to fill photo frames with pages I've cut out of magazines.

Voila! Now if only it felt like spring outside...

Yes, I photobombed my own picture...

Favorite design-inducing jam: San Francisco by The Mowgli's
Favorite design element: asymmetry
Favorite room to decorate: living room
Favorite home decor blog: 6th Street Design School

February 9, 2013

Family Spotlight {Husband}

I was already excited to start my Family Spotlight series, but being that it's Valentine's season, I thought it fitting to begin with a little love story. It's kind of long, but I hope you enjoy!

Tim and I met for the first time at a New Year's Eve party in 2007. I was a sophomore in college and he was a fresh graduate of Mizzou. We actually had several mutual acquaintances in high school, so I was familiar with his name, but I hadn't seen him in years. When I walked into the room that night, I distinctly remember thinking "Whoa! I don't recall him being that attractive!" I mean really, look at him...

We shared names, had a few laughs, I made a fool of myself playing ping-pong like a maniac, and off we went on our separate ways. He made a sort of cheesy attempt to strike up a conversation a few weeks later on Facebook, but I had my heart set on moving to California for good in the summer, so I never really entertained the thought of a relationship.

Fast-forward to summer 2008. One of my best friends was getting married in June and I had the fun opportunity to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I was super excited a) because she was the first of my friends to get married, and b) since I knew most everyone else in the wedding party, it was pretty much a guarantee that I would be destroying it on the dance floor during the reception. As everyone arrived for the rehearsal, I was caught by surprise to see that the usher lineup included Tim Fritson.

We hit it off right away. Amazingly, he seemed interested even after witnessing my zealous dance moves. I remember asking my friend Britney a million questions about him on our way home from the wedding that night. "Is he a good guy?" "Yeah. I think he's like, the best."

I was definitely enamored, but I hesitated to believe that I could have met the man of my dreams a few short weeks before I would be cashing in a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. Still he pursued me, and left no question as to whether or not he was willing to make it work. I packed my things and headed West, but in my heart I knew that God had something really special in store for us. We dug on each other the long-distance way until he wooed me back to Missouri for good. (aka: I had no job, and my financial aid for college had been canceled, so home again, home again jiggity-jig)

Once we were back in the same city, the rest was pretty much history. He proposed on New Year's Eve 2008, exactly a year since we had met, and we were married on June 26, 2009.

I could write for days about all the reasons why I love and admire Tim. He has been such a phenomenal example of integrity, forbearance, and discipleship to me. Here are a few his atributes that I am most grateful for:

He loves God first.
I don't know very many people who love the Lord with the tenacity that Tim does. He is so consistent with his study of the Bible and it's evident in the way that he lives and loves the people around him. He is such an intelligent guy, and an amazing teacher. I am always in awe of his ability to interpret Scripture and present it in a way that is challenging and entirely engaging.

I have learned so much about the Bible in the short time we have been married because learning and growing on a regular basis are important to him. He disciples me. He never sacrifices what is right for what might be popular. I trust his decision-making because I know he has spent time in prayer. More than anything, he wants God to be glorified in our life and in our marriage, and I appreciate that so much.

He is patient.
I am probably not the easiest person to live with. Not because I'm really messy or anything, but mostly because I'm crazy. Bless his heart, he puts up with my antics in the sweetest way possible.

He hates taking pictures, but found that if he closes his eyes, they really aren't so bad after all...

He has gotten really good at not losing his place in a book after I have sprinted across the room and catapulted myself into bed because it's "more fun" than simply crawling under the covers. He just sits there quietly until the bouncing mattress has subsided and his ears have stopped ringing from me screaming "INCOMING!" He never complains when I listen to my hippie music at just shy of 140 decibels, or rolls his eyes when I shove my phone in his face and yell something really girly like "LOOK AT THIS BABY SEAHORSE!" He lovingly endured a hellish week of kitchen cabinet painting, not because he really cared what color our cabinets were, but because he knew it was important to me. He is so selfless, and I am extremely thankful for his patient love and kindness toward me.

He is intentional.
This is something about Tim that I am continually amazed by. When I first met him, he had recently begun his first job as a youth pastor. As he started getting to know the youth group, he found out that some of the guys were on their high school cross country team. He realized the amazing relationship-building potential, so he started showing up to practice and running with them before and after school. He woke up at 5:00 am every morning to run for hours with high school guys because he cared about their eternity. No one does that! If you have had him as a coach, you are probably very familiar with how intentional he is in helping you grow- more than just as an athlete, but as a person. He loves to come home and tell me how hard you worked and how much progress you're making. He cares about your grades, and your family, and wether or not the girl or guy you're dating is worth your time. He pours countless hours of instruction and encouragement into your life because he thinks that you're worth it! 

I know there are more athletes that aren't pictured. Sorry guys! You're still important! 

So yeah. If you can't tell, I'm a little crazy about this guy.

February 5, 2013

New Look

I would like to offer a formal apology to anyone who viewed my blog over the last 1.5 years:
I'm sorry for having the ugliest blog on the web and for choosing the bloody tie-dye background that likely made some of you throw up in your mouth a little bit...

Whew. I can feel the weight has already been lifted.

I knew all along that my blog was ugly, but for whatever reason I just never took the time to make it pretty. So, I'm sorry guys. Hopefully the new look is a little easier on the gag reflex! There are still several things that I plan on updating, but I'm pretty happy with the mid-way result.

I wanted to also give a shout out to the awesome Etsy store where I snagged this super cute background. Corin over at District Nine Design sells the most delightful digital paper, frames, custom cards and birth announcements. This background came in a pack of 8 hand-drawn designs for a very reasonable $5.

And I don't know about you, but if I had a baby girl I'd put her face on this. 


Anywho, I just love her stuff so I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy the new look!