February 21, 2013

Dancing Queens

My family was big on home videos growing up. We each had our own VHS tapes that my parents would use to record both the exciting and everyday events in our life. For Christmas this year, my aunt was kind enough to transfer all of our tapes to DVDs. It's been really fun to re-live some childhood memories. And since this video was recorded exactly 19 years ago today, I felt like I needed to share it with you.

A few things before you press play...
1) My sisters are cute; I am just a little weird.
2) I watched a lot of figure skating when I was younger. The odd leg-spin-thing is a direct manifestation of that.
3) 1:17 is exactly why my husband has a strict "only move in controlled motions" policy for me in our house.

Katie and Ruth- thanks for hamming it up with me for the past 19+ years! 

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