April 11, 2013

To Boston

This is an exciting week for the Fritson family! Soon we will be flying to the East Coast for the 117th Annual Boston Marathon. (Eeee!) Tim has been working so hard for the past two years preparing for this race, and there are so many people who are waiting to cheer him on. Some awesome students in the area planned a surprise “send off” party last night, which meant the world to him. He was completely unsuspecting, too! Great job, guys!

Tim ran his first marathon at Dallas White Rock in December 2011. He exceeded the Boston qualifier time for his age group, despite the freezing wind and rain. (I’m not kidding, it was terrible.)

 The total drudgery of that race turned to sweet victory when this baby came in the mail. 

I have talked before about what a disciplined guy Tim is, but if you live in Liberty you have probably seen his persistence in action. Roughly 80% of my day-to-day conversations begin with “Hey, I saw your husband running today!” In a town that barely tips the scale at 29 square miles, he covers a lot of ground!  

His marathon training even caught the attention of our local newspaper, who featured him in a pretty sweet full-page spread in the Sports section today. (You can read the article here.) He's reppin’ the hometown Liberty jersey, which he will wear to the race next week. I know there are so many people from Liberty and beyond who have been a huge encouragement to him.  Your books, blog posts, photographs, ice baths, goo recommendations, running company, and affirming words have been the biggest blessings. As his wife I wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting and inspiring him!

If you would like to receive updates during the race, text the word “runner” to 345678 and reply to the automatic message with “1762” (his bib number.)

You can also follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@melodyfritson) and I will try to post as much as possible. The race is on Monday, April 15th.

To Boston!

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