January 16, 2013


I don’t have anything especially thrilling to write about today, but I was recently challenged to rethink the way I view my blog in 2013. I used to believe that the recipe for the perfect post was to allow a topic to boil up from the depths of my soul, and then let it simmer there for days on end until I had worked out all of the lumps and reduced the contents to a fine mush. I would stew on my writing forever- making sure that any trace of imperfection had evaporated before I hit “publish.” No wonder I didn’t blog often- it was completely exhausting! So in 2013, I’m going try a new recipe- it’s called Real Life. That means that some of my posts may suck, but I’m going to practice publishing anyway. I’m going to practice being the rough-draft version of me: a little sloppy, but mostly heartfelt and quirky with some creativity mixed in. I hope you like the new flavor!

Now here are some grainy pictures from a recent evening with 3 of the best men in my life:

1/2 of my brother Micah, me, Tim, and 1/2 of my brother Caleb. 

We made cupcake brownie burgers!

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