January 30, 2013

Family Spotlight

I decided recently that I am going to start a "Family Spotlight" series on this here little blog. My husband, parents, and siblings have had a massive influence on the person I am today, so it seems necessary that I give them a good amount of public attention. There are 7 members in my immediate family, so be looking out for a feature each month starting in February. I hope you enjoy getting to peep into my past and learn about the people I love most! 

Until then, here are some fun pictures of my family from the past few years:

2006: A great action shot of Ruth running inside because I accidentally gave her a bloody nose.

2006: A nice visit to the Shatto Dairy Farm. 

2008: Happy Graduation to Katie!

2010: Glamour Shots.

2010: Just your average McQuerry Family Christmas.

2011: This was the only normal photo that we walked away with on Thanksgiving.

The Christmas card would've said "Have a freaking good Christmas."

2012:  Cheering for my dad while he pwns some noobs at the Corporate Challenge 1 mile run.

2012: Celebrating a special day with a pretty good-looking crew!


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