February 25, 2012

For Rosie

I had a really fun time creating this painting recently. I got the idea, of course, from Pinterest, but I found my inspiration nearly five years ago in a little dorm called Horton Hall...

I once had a good friend from Kansas City ask me where I would live if I could choose any place in the entire world. To her confusion, I instantly replied "Oregon." I have never been to Oregon. I don't have family there. I have never even flown over the state in an airplane. But I do have a friend from Oregon, and her name is Rosie. And if Oregon produces human beings that are even a fraction as cool as Rosie, then it's a place I'd want to live.

I met Rosie during my freshman year of college at Biola University. She lived a few doors down from me on the 5th floor of Horton Hall. It didn't take me long to realize that she would be one of the most awesome people I will meet in my lifetime. She's as sweet as pie, witty, adventurous, a closet comedian, and one of the most talented artists I have ever encountered. If you have ever been in my house, you have probably experienced her artistry first-hand. I received this gem in the mail right around the time Tim and I got married:

Rosie is a phenomenal artist by trade, but I think one of her most amazing talents is drawing the art out of others. I haven't met very many people who genuinely make me believe that I am fantastic at the smallest things I do- laughing at a joke, making a sandwich, walking to class, enjoying great music. Rosie sees a beauty in life that most people wouldn't notice if it smacked them in the face, or spilled across their canvas. And she is SO encouraging. Not because she doesn't want to make you feel bad, but because she genuinely sees the best and most beautiful things in people. I could (and at some point I probably did) draw the most hideous array of wonky figures in the worst color combination imaginable and Rosie would find a way to call it a masterpiece. If you spend any time around her, it is hard to not feel like the real Thoreau or Van Gogh or Mozart. To this day, every time I pick up a pencil, cook in my kitchen, or make an attempt with a paint brush, I can hear Rosie's sweet voice in my head, and she's literally changed my perspective on life.

I can say all of these great things about Rosie because I know where her heart is. I know that her ability to create and incite creativity in others stems from her relationship with her Creator. I believe that when the Bible says we are made in God's image, that includes his creativity. No, we are not all Rembrandts or Picassos, but we are "God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works." We have the ability to make simple things beautiful and awesome because we are made in the likeness of the ultimate Artist.

I wish everyone in the whole world could meet my friend Rosie, because she's that cool. But since that's mostly not possible, I'll just post this blog about her. And maybe you'll be encouraged to see the extraordinary in the ordinary too!

(If you're interested in a tutorial on the painting, stay tuned! I'll post it soon!)

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